Molly Hughes, a toddler from Kentucky, was just 5 months old when she was diagnosed with stage-four neuroblastoma, a rare type of cancer that develops from certain nerve tissues. Although the cancer is found on the adrenal glands, it can widely spread to other areas. It most commonly affects children under 5 years old and it accounts for 50% of cancers in infants, according to

Over 15 months, Molly underwent many rounds of chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and other intensive procedures. She has endured an extremely difficult time beginning the first few months of her life. However, after going through her last chemotherapy session in January, doctors finally informed her family that Molly is finally in remission.

“OH HAPPY DAY!” Chelsea Hughes, Molly’s mom cheered and shared her daughter’s picture in a Facebook post. “Molly has some BIG news to share! Her scans were clear & showed no evidence of disease!! There is NO active cancer left in her little body!”

Molly’s family believes that this miracle happened because of all the prayers they received from people all around the world. It’s the healing power of prayer helped Molly get through this ordeal. “I believe that’s what’s helped her get through is all the prayers she’s had and we just can’t thank everybody enough for praying for her and supporting us through all of this.” Chelsea said.

“When Molly was first diagnosed, hearing other encouraging stories helped give us hope, so I just hope that others who hear her story can find hope and strength. It is a long and hard journey but staying hopeful and faithful will help you get through. You have to take it day by day, and know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel,” she said.  


By now, Molly has started a new trial drug that helps prevent the cancer from returning, but her mother said, “We still need prayers for awhile.”

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