Sisters Shari and Simone Cumberbatch from New York both gave birth last week, on the very same day as their father’s 70th birthday.

The sweet coincidence happened on July 3 at Mercy Medical Center in the Rockville Centre, when Simone scheduled a C-section. Hours before, Simone’s younger sister Shari happened to go into labor.

Simone Cumberbatch said, “I had a scheduled C-section, so I knew that I was going to give birth on the third, but we didn’t know she was going to give birth on the same day.”

Both sisters weren’t due to give birth until mid-July, but their little girls couldn’t wait. Simone Cumberbatch chose July 3 to have her C-section because that day is also her father’s birthday, she explained.

Simone Cumberbatch gave birth to a girl, Liberty, at 5:30 p.m., at Mercy Medical Center in New York. (Facebook/Mercy Medical Center)

Shari’s daughter, a girl named Hailey, was born at 12:57 p.m., and Hailey’s cousin, Liberty, arrived less than five hours later, at 5:30 p.m.

Shari Cumberbatch had been induced and went into labor earlier than doctors expected. She said, “I didn’t know. I just went into my doctor’s appointment and Dr. Seraji was just like, ‘We’re gonna induce you tomorrow,’ and I was like, ‘Oh, okay!’”

Shari Cumberbatch gave birth to a girl named Hailey at 12:57 p.m., on July 3, 2019, at Mercy Medical Center in New York. (Facebook/Mercy Medical Center)

Shari’s labor postponed her sister’s C-section due to the fact they share the same obstetrician, Dr. Jay Seraji.

Both sisters said they are pleased by the happy accident.

Cumberbatch recalls, “When it actually happened, I was actually surprised and happy at the same time.”

Sisters Simone and Shari Cumberbatch gave birth at the same hospital, Mercy Medical Center in Rockville Centre, New York, on the same day, July 3, 2019, which happens to be their father Elmo Cumberbatch’s birthday. (Facebook/Mercy Medical Center)

Elmo Cumberbatch, who’s now a grandfather to three girls, tells Mercy Medical Center that he’s excited to buy the babies presents.

The two baby girls are both happy and healthy.