For cat lovers, there is nothing as satisfying as meeting and winning over new cats. Now sadly, we can’t always access cats, especially at work. There are always these “Puppy Therapy Days,” but what about kitten therapy?! It’s been proven by science (somewhere, I’m sure) that looking at pictures of cute animals actually improves your mood, so it stands to reason that actually interacting with them would only be more beneficial.

In the meantime, the best thing you could possibly do is look at these breathtaking photos of Maine Coons. If you, like me, are wondering what the heck a Maine Coon is, let me tell you. They’re a borderline-mythical animal that looks like it belongs outside in the wild but is actually a domestic cat. They’re the closest you can get to having a lynx, and they’re absolutely beautiful. And huge.

Photographer Robert Sijka was so taken by the breed that he has specifically done a Maine Coon series, much to our delight. Enjoy his incredible work and be sure to let us know if it brightened your day!

First of all, Maine Coons are absolutely huge.

Instagram | @robert_sijka

Males tend to get up to 18 pounds. Add the fluff on top of that and they get pretty darn big! More to love, if you ask me.

They also come in a few different colors and can have different markings, too.

Instagram | @robert_sijka

If you weren’t a cat person, I can guarantee you probably are now.

Just look at that face!

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Like all cats, they’re pretty inquisitive.

Instagram | @robert_sijka

But they can also look downright regal.

Not only is this an animal fit for royalty, but it is definitely one that is treated like royalty themselves!

As kittens, they seem as big as other adult cats and definitely a little cuter.

Instagram | @robert_sijka

They start out small and fluffy, like these two.

Check out those bright yellow eyes! They really stand out against their grey fur.

And they grow into these beautiful, maned cats.

Instagram | @robert_sijka

This kind of cat really looks like a miniature lion. The mane is so similar.

After all, they are relatives!

Maine Coons also have the tiniest roars.

Instagram | @robert_sijka

Just kidding, they don’t roar. This guy was just caught in the act of yawning. Probably tired from being so cute all day.

And some of them have that lynx ear thing going on!

Instagram | @robert_sijka

This really goes to show you how similar house cats are to their wild family members!

Look at those piercing eyes. Oh man.

Instagram | @robert_sijka

They look so frightening and intimidating, but I bet they’re the friendliest creatures.

100% can relate.

This fluffy guy does not look impressed.

Instagram | @robert_sijka

Probably got his picture taken on a Monday.

Or catering didn’t get his food order right before the photo shoot.

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Look at those toes!

Instagram | @robert_sijka

And her coloring is gorgeous. I wonder where she goes for manicures and for her hair?

In all seriousness, those paws are HUGE and her coloring is beautiful.

Some Maine Coons come with bonus toes!

Instagram | @robert_sijka

And this isn’t a Photoshop job by the Kardashians.

Not only does this one have six toes, but their eyes are two completely different colors!

Saving the best for last: Little and big. This is the ultimate “aww.”

Instagram | @robert_sijka

It’s crazy to think that this little kitten is going to grow to be so big. I mean, they’re already pretty big for a kitten

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