Do you agree that animal abusers deserve to be punished under the full extent of the law? While those who perpetrate these terrible crimes may argue for leniency, people with a heart and a conscience will have to disagree respectfully. That’s why there is a $10,000 award out for the person who helps bring the monster who tied a pit bull to a pole and then set the dog on fire.

When the pit bull was found, it had been tied to the metal pole and had burns covered two-fifths of its body. It was also obvious that a person had set the dog on fire.

The incident was discovered at Abner Clay Park in Virginia. Thankfully the dog was rushed into emergency treatment when the Richmond Animal Care and Control found it burned and tied to the post. The animal control group shared an update on social media, alerting people in the greater community about the atrocity that had been committed so the monster who did it could be found and brought to justice.

“We need your help. Last night (2/10/19) at 7:30 pm a male brindle pit bull with a camo collar was tied to a pole in Abner Clay Park off the 200 Block of W. Clay Street covered in accelerant and intentionally set on fire.”

The poor dog was in such horrible condition that it was uncertain if it could survive. Thankfully it got care rather quickly and was nursed back to health.

The dog’s name Tommie because the shelter did not know its original name. They have also covered the medical bills resulting from the intentional burning. However, they are unsatisfied. They want the man who did this caught and brought to justice.

One of the veterinary assistants who helped Tommie recover at the Virginia Veterinary Centers, Amber Carter, posted about the situation.

“Seriously hope they find the person who hurt this poor boy! I met him last night while at work and all night he wagged his tail and wanted someone to just love on him!”

While Tommie had been tortured by someone, he still loves people and showered Amber with his love and affection. That just broke her heart all the more.

People across Virginia are outraged. That’s why people are donating in droves to cover the dog’s medical bills and to raise a reward to give to the person who helps bring the perpetrator to justice.

On Monday, RACC posted: “I have to say that we don’t get rattled by much at RACC and have witnessed many ugly cases, but this one makes us want to just sit on the floor and cry.”

Although Tommie is getting cared for, he is still in critical condition. There is still a chance he might not pull through. Because of what this monster did to him, he might not survive. And that’s heartbreaking for everyone who has come into contact with him. Despite the horrors he has faced, he is still a sweetheart.

What do you think should happen to this monster?


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